Cape House authors

Lorraine AshLorraine Ash

Self and Soul

Lorraine Ash, MA, is an author, journalist, and essayist as well as a writing teacher. Self and Soul: On Creating a Meaningful Life is her second book…

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Julie Lange GrothJulie Lange Groth

Healing What Grieves You

Julie Lange Groth, founder of Ravens Drum, is a shamanic healer and teacher who leads ceremonies and runs retreats. Healing What Grieves You: Four Steps to a Peaceful Heart is her second book…

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Lo Anne MayerLo Anne Mayer

Celestial Conversations

Lo Anne Mayer has studied various forms of healing for thirty years.┬áRaising her six children inspired her to learn about nutrition, charismatic healing, therapeutic touch, the mind-body connection, and various forms of meditation…

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James M. O'KaneJames M. O’Kane

Jefferson Avenue

James M. O’Kane, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, taught at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey from 1967 until retiring in 2006. He received his PhD in Educational Sociology from New York University…

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Myrna J. SmithMyrna J. Smith

God and Other Men

Myrna J. Smith grew up on a farm in Eastern Oregon, married young, and completed a master’s degree before giving birth to three children. During her 34-year career as a professor…

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Gail WagnildGail Wagnild, PhD

True Resilience

Gail Wagnild, RN, PhD, is the founder and owner of the Resilience Center in Montana. Clinically trained as a psychiatric nurse and social worker…

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