Healing What Grieves You

Four Steps to a Peaceful Heart

By Julie Lange Groth

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“A brilliant, beautiful, touching book that will bring comfort and healing.”

Sandra Ingerman, MA
author of Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of a Shamanic Life

Experiencing a major loss releases a person into an unknown emotional country. The colors of a bright and hopeful life fade fast. All the old moorings are gone.

In the pages of Healing What Grieves You: Four Steps to a Peaceful Heart, Julie Lange Groth meets her readers in this barren and lonely place. She offers companionship, space to grieve and, most importantly, spiritual survival skills.

Groth has traveled the road every mother dreads above all others. Her sixteen-year-old son, Justin, died suddenly in 1993 while using laughing gas. At the time she also lost her home, her car was repossessed and her business went into bankruptcy.

“Julie Lange Groth challenges us to look below the surface of what passes for life. In the process she has created very good medicine.”

Hank Wesselman, PhD
author of he Re-Enchantment: A Shamanic Path to a Life of Wonder

Meanwhile, her father was dying a slow, brutal death from colon cancer.

During those dark years, Groth found a light—shamanism, a nature-centered belief system based on the interconnectedness of all living things. In its tools and techniques, she found new perspective, comfort and healing.

Today, Groth is a well-respected shamanic practitioner and teacher. In Healing What Grieves You she shares both her story and simple practices and techniques that people of all religious backgrounds can use to grieve well.

“I have hoped for a book about the powerful, tried-and-tested tools of shamanism to help people explore what their heart feels about life and death. This is that book.”

Colleen Deatsman, MA, LPC
author of Seeing in the Dark and The Hollow Bone

With her gentle voice and wise words, Groth guides her readers on a four-part healing journey. The metaphor she uses for the process is that of a horse who has fallen and hurt a leg.

Like the horse, she says, a person who has been knocked down by an experience is left hurt and unable to get up and move on. Just as the horse has four legs, bereaved people must do four things to regain their footing: find the will to get up, find the strength to get up, tend the wound and restore balance.

In Healing What Grieves You Groth offers what we all need—a spiritual path through sorrow, doubt and confusion and into a new day.

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Healing What Grieves You: Four Steps to a Peaceful Heart

By Julie Lange Groth
Published April 2017

Trade paperback $14.95 US, £12.95 UK, €14.95
ISBN 978-1-939129-10-9

Ebook $7.99 US
ISBN 978-1-939129-11-6