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Celestial Conversations coverCelestial Conversations: Healing Relationships After Death

By Lo Anne Mayer

Did you ever wish you could mend a relationship with a loved one who has died? Does the memory of the unfinished business leave you feeling defeated, sad, or even angry? Author Lo Anne Mayer was in just that state in 2004…

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God and Other Men coverGod and Other Men: Religion, Romance, and the Search for Self-Love

By Myrna J. Smith

Myrna Smith opens her story one Sunday night when she returns home from a ski weekend with her three children. While she was on the slopes, her husband had moved out. That had been the plan…

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Healing What Grieves You coverHealing What Grieves You: Four Steps to a Peaceful Heart

By Julie Lange Groth

Experiencing a major loss releases a person into an unknown emotional country. The colors of a bright and hopeful life fade fast. All the old moorings are gone.…

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Jefferson Avenue coverJefferson Avenue: Stories from a Brooklyn Boyhood 1941-1958

Cape House Services title (What’s that?)

By James M. O’Kane

Criminologist James M. O’Kane traces his lifelong fascination with the urban world to the gypsies, gangsters, and priests of his boyhood in post-World War II Brooklyn. In this vivid memoir he details…

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The Rabbit Hole Experience coverThe Rabbit Hole Experience: On Sasquatches, Spirits, and the People Who See Them

By Paul Conroy and Michael Robartes

A ghost hunter and a cryptozoologist open their case files to explore what happens to people who confront unexplained phenomena.

A woman stranded at night on a highway sees a set of luminous eyes…

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Self and Soul coverSelf and Soul: On Creating a Meaningful Life

By Lorraine Ash

Spiritual seekers are romanticized as adventurers with amazing lives. Problem is, they also often are discontent. Their journeys are about…

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True Resilience coverTrue Resilience: Building a Life of Strength, Courage, and Meaning

By Gail Wagnild, PhD

Resilience is much more than bouncing back from a difficult life event, according to Dr. Gail Wagnild, one of the nation’s leading researchers in the field.

In True Resilience, she shows it’s about…

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