Lo Anne Mayer

Lo Anne Mayer

Lo Anne Mayer has studied various forms of healing for thirty years. Raising her six children inspired her to learn about nutrition, charismatic healing, therapeutic touch, the mind-body connection, and various forms of meditation.

She is a student of A Course in Miracles and Edgar Cayce as well as a Reiki master. For twelve years she taught Louise Hay’s Healing Your Life course.

Inspired by her training with Alma Daniel to teach Angel Meditation, Lo Anne produced and hosted a television show entitled Angels at Work, which emphasized the good works of ordinary people. She also wrote and presented her own course, Choosing Joy: How to Create a Joy-filled Life.

Today she is committed to helping others discover that love between two people can be shared and relationships healed even after one of them dies. She facilitates Celestial Circles designed to inspire and facilitate written exchanges between those in grief and their departed loved ones.

She lives in New Jersey with her husband, Dr. Raymond Mayer.

Celestial Conversations is her first book.

Visit Lo Anne online at www.CelestialConversations.com.