New book explores worlds of paranormal witnesses

The Rabbit Hole Experience: On Sasquatches, Spirits, and the People Who See Them

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August 2, 2018

What happens to a hunter who comes face to face with a creature he thought to be myth? Or a woman who learns her son’s imaginary friend is not so imaginary, after all?

In their new book, The Rabbit Hole Experience, released August 2018 by Cape House Books, investigators Michael Robartes of New York and Paul Conroy of New Jersey explore a range of ways eyewitnesses react to encountering something they believed to be impossible.

One person may have a spiritual awakening. Another may have a psychological breakdown and live in fear. Yet another denies anything happened.

The investigators wanted to know, Why?

Their accessible, enriching book is unique: there are many books about the paranormal but few on those who live it.

The Rabbit Hole Experience is written for a wide audience—from non-believers who want to learn more about paranormal investigation to eyewitnesses still coming to terms with their own experiences.

The duo also discuss one of their most important roles as investigators: helping people who fall down the rabbit hole by easing their transition from non-believing to believing.

“We’ve reached a point where collecting more evidence to prove the existence of these phenomena is of marginal value,” says Robartes, who specializes in spirit activity. “It’s time to shift the focus of our inquiry from gathering evidence to examining what it means that people have these experiences.”

He and Conroy, a Sasquatch investigator, share fascinating stories from their own investigations and then apply research, logic, and just the right touch of humor to create a page-turner that reads like friends holding a lively fireside chat.

The two investigators, who work on separate teams but meet often to swap stories and theories, use expertise in both their fields to draw a larger picture on paranormal activity.

“The most enriching part of investigating is the constant reminder we don’t have all the answers,” says Conroy. “There are still mysteries to unravel that require our open-mindedness and the exchanging of ideas.”

Robartes and Conroy open the book by recounting a paranormal experience of their own. After returning from several days of Sasquatch investigation, they returned to Michael’s cabin to find a lit candle apparently welcoming their return. The duo first looks at each logical explanation—they forgot to blow it out, someone lit it for them, or it reignited on embers—before methodically ruling out each.

As they talk, a screen door—latched shut from the outside—inexplicably opens and shuts on its own.

The authors then trace their own reactions to the revelation they may be dealing with something outside the realm of “normal.”

The Rabbit Hole Experience is now available in paperback and eBook.

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