Celestial Conversations

A Guided Journey

Celestial Conversations: A Guided Journey, by Lo Anne Mayer, is a downloadable journal companion volume to Celestial Conversations: Healing Relationships After Death.

Sample journal page from Celestial Conversations: A Guided Journey. Click the page for a larger view.

The journal features instructions for transpersonal journaling as described in the book, and provides thirty days’ worth of attractive pages sprinkled with quotations from the author’s own journals. It’s provided in the popular, easy-to-view, easy-to-print Adobe PDF format, so if you need more journal pages, you can simply print out another copy. (Adobe Reader or another PDF reading program is required to view or print PDF files, including the journal. If your computer doesn’t already have Reader, you can download it for free from get.adobe.com/reader.)

The journal is available for $1.99 (US). You may pay with a credit card or with PayPal (which also processes credit card purchases, even if you don’t have a PayPal account).

After purchase, click the Complete Purchase button and then you will be able to download the journal immediately (you may need to get past an offer from PayPal before you see the Complete Purchase button); you will also receive an email containing a link to download the journal.

Be sure to save your journal! When you click the download link, if you are given a choice to Open or Save the file, choose Save. If the journal opens without giving you that choice, use the File - Save command, the Save button, or right-click and Save to save the file from within the journal.

If you have any questions or problems buying or downloading the journal, please contact Cape House.

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